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Confirmation Lesson for March 25th 2020


Your decision to be confirmed or follow Christ isn’t simply about behaving a certain way, knowing the right things, or meeting a certain set of expectations.  As we walk through these last weeks of confirmation, we hope that you will come to understand better that deciding to follow Christ is a journey of experiencing God’s grace, hope, and love in unimaginable ways.  And we hope that you will decide to follow Christ and become an agent of God’s grace, hope, and love in unimaginable ways.


Let’s look at the journey of three different disciples and their decisions to follow Jesus.  Hopefully, this will help you to have a better understanding of the variety of decisions people are confronted with when choosing to follow Jesus.


Choose one of the disciples and scriptures listed on page 132 in your student books.  Answer the following questions:


How did his decision shape the way he followed Jesus?



What was his relationship with Jesus like?



How did Jesus respond to his questions?



How did he respond to Jesus’ questions?



What emotions do you think this disciple felt?



Continue to complete 132, 133 “Create” section, and 134-145.



Take a picture of your homework (this page and 133-135 completed) and send it back to Pastor Cris completed for credit.  You must complete these assignments to complete your confirmation.  Please note that I only received two completed assignments for March 18th.  Please take pictures of completed pages and send to me to receive credit!   Thanks!  



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